Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26, 2010: Happy Boxing Day!

Manny in his favorite chair... O.U.T.

Daddy also O.U.T.  Ali dropped the props in and mommy took the shot...


Well, we're all pooped out from all the fun here.  Jon, Tracy, Jake, and Harrison left early this morning, and the rest of us really didn't set any records for speed or productivity today.  Isn't vacation great?  Ali came down with a mile flu yesterday, so last night was devoid of sleep.  Today, Nanny volunteered to watch her so mommy and I could go into Durango and do a little shopping.  We met up with Ralph Jr., Mark, and Venus for lunch at an Irish Pub and then hit the Ralph Lauren Outlet to return a couple of things.  RL stuff runs really small apparently, so the 2 shirts I got didn't fit.  No problem.  Their after-Christmas sales ROCKED, so I walked out with a pair of cords, a dress shirt, a polo shirt, a dress for Ali, a baseball cap, and 3 pairs of socks, and 39 cents to spare!  Nice.

The weather was beautiful today; we had sun, clouds, and a little snow, all in one day.  A nice fire handled any evening chill in the air.  Overall, it was a nice, take-it-easy kind of day.  

Tomorrow evening, we head back home to a busy week of year-end deadlines, but right now, slow and easy wins.  Enjoy the pics.

God night.

Ali doing her makeup with her new musicbox vanity...

Outfit number one of the day...

Ali's new dress from the outlet... check out her pink headphones to match!

My brother Paul and his daughter Liesel after her Christening last year.  The girls are less than a month apart!


  1. Glad you guys got to go in to town! I started laughing when I saw your picture of "The Grocery Store" LOL.... Gotta love Bayfield..... =0) My parents used to own Bayfield Music... the next little plaza over... Depending on how long your mom has lived there... She might know my dad.. "Rockin Randy" He plays music at all the local bars and restaurants! =0) I think the 2 of you would get along perfectly!
    Im glad you guys had a good vacation! Travel safe tomorrow!

    All my love,

  2. Hooray for not setting any records for speed or productivity! You obviously understand what it means to be on vacation. Good for you!

    Hope Ali is feeling better. Perhaps all those wardrobe changes wore her down!

    Wishing you safe travels as you head back home.

    A friedn in NC

  3. So glad you had a relaxing time in Durango with family. Also glad you and Ang got to spend some quality shopping time together.

    Love all the pictures of Durango - it looks so nice and quiet and fun! Perfect!!!

    We did end up with a foot of snow (or more) here in NJ and our Open House was very small but very fun! We shoveled out the last family and sent them home at 8pm. This monring I found veggie dip and veggies I had totally forgot to set out - guess we eat veggies today! LOL Only sad part is I totally forgot to take any pictures! Silly me - guess I was too busy having an awesome time!

    Love Miss Ali's pictures and also really love the picture of Bella and her cousin!

    Tina in NJ

  4. Merry Christmas (a couple of days late!) So glad you're having a good time - and what fun to have a white Christmas! Love all the pics - that Ali is just too sweet! And I will never grow tired of seeing Bella's beautiful eyes.

    Love to all of you!
    From TX (where it is NOT snowing!)
    Laura (for Team A)

  5. Oh Tim!! Such a darling photo of you and Bella. It made my breath stop just imagining how much her parents must miss her.

    Kudos and blessings to both of you for living the season and being a family.

    So glad you share these photos!

  6. WOW...that RL after Christmas sale DID ROCK! You made out! Good thing their clothes run small huh? I'm so glad you guys have had a chance to relax and enjoy family. That's so important.

    I love the pictures of Ali doing her make up. She is so darling! The picture of you and Bella with your brother and Leisel is absolutely fabulous. It made me cry. You both look so happy there.

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie, and Liam
    The McLaughlin Family, CA

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  8. I am all over a great sale! There is nothing like getting a deal or two or three.... :)

    One of my Christmas presents "got" me this year. Noah picked out a butterfly necklace. I instantly started to cry when I opened it. Noah doesnt know the significance of butterflies. What they have come to mean to me...that they remind me of Bella. It wasnt just the butterfly though. It was the colors. It is pink...which reminded me of your book and it has a purple stone. I am sure you dont remember (I wrote about this once) but I "gave" Bella a butterfly necklace in her memorial's visualizing exercise (its getting late and my brain isnt working so I dont remember exactly what that was called:)). Part of me believes that Bella nudged Noah to pick the butterfly (he had several to choose from) so I could have a necklace like I "gave" her. I always wanted something of Bellas (a little weird maybe) but now I feel like I do.

    Still missing and always loving Bella.

    Sending my love to all and sweet kisses to Ali (hope she is feeling better).

    Denise Wi