Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 22, 2011: one more day


Thanks for the love.

Some big things brewing.

Can't tell you exactly yet.

Keep praying 'it all works out.'

Much love to you all.

God night.


  1. Praying "it will all work out".
    Hope you are having a nice weekend.
    Lots of love,

  2. Oh my gosh what a BEAUTIFUL photo of the little honey. Praying for you, can't wait to hear!

  3. Hi Tim: Praying for you guys. Love the picture of beautiful Bella. Hope you are having an awesome weekend. Keep the Faith. Love and Peace Leah's Nana

  4. How I miss beautiful Bella--- and her amazing eyes!
    Praying for the best outcome!
    Lots of love to you, Ang and Ali,

  5. I feel so unconnected this past week. I was away for almost 7 days and feel a little lost on what is going on in world as a whole and with this awesome community. I am back and will be catching up over the next few days!

    Love the picture of sweet Miss Bella. I will tell you when I was away scrapbooking I started my Bella page about 5 times but could never get it right - so that page was put away until I have the right feeling and the words to share.

    Love to all from NJ

  6. ohhh..the suspense...
    I am crossing my fingers that all the planets align for this next BIG thing!

    Love that picture :)

  7. Praying!!!

    And LOVE that picture- sweetest girl!

    Love from TX,
    Laura (for the Team!)

  8. Hello Tim!

    Its been too long since I came out of the woodowork...still reading, still grateful for your words and wisdom. My husband and I joined Transformation far, so good...

    I want you to know that even though I don't comment often, your words are a source of inspiration and transformation for me, always. Blessings on whatever you have cooking...may your vision be specific and mighty.
    Missing beautiful baby girl Bella today...thank you for sharing her spirit with to all of you.

  9. Hope it all works out for you. Keep up the great work you are doing!

  10. Looking forward to the BIG news! Another beautiful picture of Bella! That kid is always smiling! ;-)

  11. Praying that everything goes as you want it too and how it is supposed to! I can't wait to hear what the big news is! I am bad about commenting everyday, but I DO read everyday and find your words to be of much value to me! Thanks! I love the picture of beautiful Bella!

    With love,
    Kristi in Colorado

  12. I miss & l♡ve you Bella Doll!! Praying and crossing all fingers and toes!