Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23, 2011: Fun in the Sun...


Well, today was a PERFECT day for a family outing.  We started out at Pretend City.  Pretend City is like an interactive, hands-on, indoor town built JUST FOR KIDS.  Super. Cute.  I took Ali and Bella there a couple of times back in the spring, and today was momma's first time there.  It was a little rough for me since I have the place linked very directly with Bella.  I think the worst moment was in the little doctor's office, Ali asked me to take her blood pressure, and as I was taking the cuff off her arm, I was rattled by the memory of the over 6,000 cuff pressures Bella endured in the hospital.  However, for a large part of the day I was able to stay fairly present.  Having Ang there helped A LOT with that.  If it had just been Ali and me there, I'm SURE it would have been a lot worse.

After Pretend City, we headed over the the Irvine Spectrum, which is basically an outdoor mall.  It's really a nice place because there are A TON of activities for kids, a boatload of restaurants varying from super quick to super fancy, bars, and clubs, and a megaplex movie theater... and of course... TARGET, baby!  LOL.  Ah, Target, how we love you so...

We grabbed lunch, then Ali and I split off from mommy so she could have a little mommy time shopping.  We went and rode the carousel, got some ice cream, then went to the fountains to play in the water.  Momma got to hit 3 stores with no family in tow... gotta love that!

Last night we had loads of fun with family; first at grandma and grandpa's house, then at Ang's brother Steve's house with their family.  All in all, a GREAT family weekend.  Good stuff.

Still sitting on some big news, but can't divulge till the details are ironed out... was hoping to spill the beans today, but we're not quite there... hopefully tomorrow (Monday) night!

God night!


  1. I keep reading your blog. I wish you all the best you can have, for surely you deserve it.

  2. Such darling pictures!! Good luck with ironing out those details!!! Virtual Hugs, Terri

  3. Sounds like a wonderful family weekend! We tried for the same effect however it was more to escape the confines of our home and the 20 below zero weather! Your outdoor fun in T-shirts looks like A LOT more fun than our hotel waterslides!

    I did think of you this weekend, while I was in the baby pool with my little guy. The hotel we stayed at had a salt water pool and it was irritating my 1 year olds ezema. It made me think of all of the painful experiences with water EB kids have to endure and how the joy of being a little kid swimming at a hotel is something EB takes away from them. We need to find a cure for EB, I better get going on my fundraising efforts!!
    Tim, Ang, Ali and Bella you have touched my life and changed my thinking FOREVER! THANK YOU! I hope I can pull this off to help you reach your goals!

    Have a great Monday!

  4. Hey, sweet family...

    Pretend City looks like a blast! Our local children's museum has a few areas like that in it. My favorite is the Krispy Kreme cute. But an entire city - how fun!

    Love the picture of Bella "Bug" today!

    Looking forward to whatever news you're sitting on.

    Take care, friends.

    A friend in NC

  5. On my next visit to CA, will you take me to pretend city?

  6. So wonderful you are getting to spend quality family time with your girls! I bet Ali had a blast and the pictures are great! Miss you guys!

    Brianna and Teren

  7. Thanks for sharing. How fun to watch your daughter play in the water while mine have snow piled higher then them! God bless you all.
    Linda from Alberta, Canada

  8. Sweet, sweet Bella...

    Glad that at least Ali and Ang have had a good time in Pretend city. It looks marvelous for children!

    Waiting for your big news!

    Oh, yes, where is your winter? We've had some snow here today and you are going short-sleeved and dance in the fountains? :)


  9. Looked like a really great weekend for all of you! Ali looks like she had a really fun time!

    Love the ladybug Bella picture - very sweet!

    Tina in NJ

  10. Pretend City & Target rock! That's where we should all meet up next...Pretend City...then go on over to the Spectrum and eat @ Red Robin or somewhere with the 'kids eat free' special...LOL...

    ps...Sara..gotta get that link from you again!

    I love ladybugs...this picture melted my heart...

    tomorrow's tuesday...see you soon Ali :)



    for inspiration

  12. I have heard of the Pretend City before and I have been wanting to take my little ones there. I love the pictures. I'm gonna have to go there soon. Don't you love how in CA we can go to the outdoor mall in January and play in the fountains?! So awesome!! I'm so glad you guys got to have a great family day.

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie, and Liam
    The McLaughlin Family, CA