Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 10: almost slipped by!


Hahaha, sorry gang!  I fully expected to wake up and blog last night, and lo and behold, I didn't!  I knew I was tired, so I lay down in bed fully clothed like I've done before, and, well, I just woke up because some boy was just chasing me with a garden hose full of scalding hot water... that's weird!  LOL.  I awoke, looked at the clock...

4:36 am.


"All my peeps in Europe and the East Coast are up or soon to be rising!  Hop on and say hi!" I immediately thought.

Luckily, it is Saturday morning, not the highest traffic time of the week, so I think I'm sliding this post in before most of you get here!  I have been told by so many of you how you start the day with the blog and that it brings you joy, perspective, motivation, inspiration, etc.  It makes me so happy that our story provides that to so many!  Like I've said before, we're still pretty new to the blog phenomenon, and I am just so blown away that my family is a part of people's fortified breakfast!

Two days ago, I awoke and realized there was NO COFFEE in the house.  Not good.  Oh, man, talk about a 3 alarm FIRE!  Hahaha.  I thought, "Well, that threw my morning off its normal axis..." and I suspect we're all alike in that we become somewhat creatures of habit as we move through life.  I thought, "No blog might be kinda like no coffee..."  That would be no fun!

So, it's 4:43 am, and I'm STILL in my clothes from yesterday, but at least I slept HARD ( you should see the bed face I have) for 6 hours!  P.S... Bed face is when you are so tired you don't so much as move an inch in your sleep, and then you wake up and you have those really attractive Frankenstein lines all over your forehead and cheeks... really hot look.

Quick story:  Last night I was supposed to stay up in LA with family, but we had a mixup in scheduling and they are out of town.  They called to say I could still stay there by myself, and all I could think of was the look in Ali's eyes the night before when I came home and she was in bed.  THAT girl LOVES her daddy (and vice versa), and was simply BEAMING last night.  She was prepared for me to not come home till Sunday night after this seminar completed.  So, what did I do?  I motored it home to see my girls!

The squeek that came out of Ali's body when I opened the door... "DADDY!"  She literally was hopping like a Mexican jumping bean!

Folks, when you have two suits, a brief case, and a luggage in your hands and you open your front door and hear and see that?


As my dad said on his deathbed, "You know what?  I don't remember what my bonus was in 1982.   But tonight, as I listen to you all laughing at the dinner table and having a good time, I know I raised a good family that loves each other, and that's what counts."

That's what COUNTS.

What counts for you?  Is it getting the appropriate share of your time and energy?

God night.  (morning? LOL)



  1. Happy Saturday, Ringgolds!

    Honestly, I think every picture you post of Bella becomes my favorite, but today's is just precious...just like your sweet family. What good medicine it is when we see a little one with her face beaming, truly glad to see us. There's no greater gift than having a child who absolutely adores you.

    Thank you for including your dad's quote about what's really important in life. It is spot on and it spoke loudly to me this morning. I have had a tough week as I am wondering what's going to happen with my job next year. My school system is facing monumental budget cuts, and due to some crazy "formula" for deciding who is included in a RIF, there's a good chance that my position is in jeopardy. My years of experience, positive work record, and excellent evaluations don't matter. I'm scared for myself and sad for what this means for education in general. But I have a family who loves me, and as your dad said, "That's what counts." I also know that God is good and that He will provide.

    Hoping that you guys have a good weekend!

    A friend in NC

  2. So glad you added that quote in from your dad...perfect. What a good reminder for everyone running around trying to do everything and make it all perfect this time of year.

    Reading every morning on Long Island

  3. good morning! Glad you got some good sleep! And I too can't go without my coffee! With two active boys I need to be on my toes. :) Have a blessed weekend. Praying for you all!

  4. Thank you for making the effort to write even at 4:30 in the morning!
    Agree with your father.
    Enjoy the rest of the seminar.
    Love from Weybridge,

  5. Glad you decided to surprise Ali - kids reactions to surprises are always the best! Also think being home with the ones that love you versus staying alone is good medicine!

    Enjoy a lovely weekend home and Kepp Moving.
    Tina in NJ

  6. Gasp! No coffee!!!! ;)
    Awesome post...Ali is beyond fantastic, Bella is so sweet, you and Ang are inspiring.
    Thanks for posting with bed face. That's a good sign of good sleep!

  7. Amen Grandpa Ringgold! That's what it's all about! Love today's picture as well! Such a cutie. Before I read your posts, I always scroll down to see the picture of Bella first. Your words are inspiring, but those pictures are AWEsome!

  8. Tim,

    It's crossed my mind just now that the word 'go' is embedded in your surname. You have the energy of a small army. I so admire your exuberance and extraordinary stamina!

    Enjoy some relaxation today and tomorrow, if you can.

    And if you hear something faint in your ear, it's me, yelling from my rooftop again, thanking my lucky stars that there are people like you and your girls in the world,



  9. great post! you're a great dad Tim.

  10. Thinking of you this week. My family is preparing to say goodbye for now to someone we love so much, and your family has been in my mind and heart as we prepare to walk a similar journey.

  11. You know I read your blog and the part about comming home to Ali really had me thinking today. My husband is about to go on Jan 5 for a job interview in another state. He will be working in our state if he gets this job but for fifteen weeks gone more than he's home. Our girls are older fifteen, fourteen and tweleve but rarely been away from us unless its a few nights at a time. Do you have any tips on a dad leaving his babies for so long? He's worried about it. And your blog is like cafeene I start my day with it every morning.. It helps get the thoughts of dread and heaviness off my heart.

  12. I love to hear how Ali got so excited for you to come home. That is awesome!! You're right, there is nothing better than that. She loves her daddy and her daddy loves her. As it should be!

    Cute picture of Bella tonight. I love her little hat!

    Your dad was a wise man. Often throughout the day I have to take a moment and just say to myself "am I being the kind of mom I want my children and husband to remember?" So often I find myself yelling or even cursing! I know, I know...I need to watch my potty mouth. I am actively working on that. Reading your blog really helps me to want to be a better mom and wife for my family. The past couple of days have been particularly hard for me and my family. I have been super depressed and I have been having anxiety/panic attacks. So weird. I have experienced depression before but the anxiety/panic attacks are new, and scary! Sometimes I'll just come to your blog and read a post to lift my spirits. That is how much your words help me thru my day. It's not a cure but, it definitely helps. So, thank you! Thank you for being willing to post at 4:30AM. Thank you for being willing to post even when you are dead tired and can only say a few words. It really means a lot to me.

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie, and Liam
    The McLaughlin Family, CA

  13. I love what your Dad said. We just had a family get together, most of us hadn't seen each other for 30 years. It was awesome.
    Glad you got some sleep. I love the picture of Bella.

  14. SO glad things have been going so awesome for you at the seminar. I wish I was able to watch you share your story with all those people; I would love to REALLY watch them as they listen to you. Yes, Ali does love her Daddy so much. I can only imagine the excited squeal that came from her as she bum rushed you at the front door! Precious!
    I was never able to meet your father, but he sounds like he was an exceptionally smart fella! Spot on is he with those words. And what a great reminder they are :)
    Praying for a week full of family, peace, and strength.
    Love you guys,
    The Vanderbooms