Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 18, 2010: Turns out it is...


... snowing like crazy up in Durango!

I've been slacking a little in the exercise department, and I'm feeling a little bummed about that.  The non-stop rain hasn't made it any easier... LOL.  What a socal thing to say!  I have a DVD player in the living room and access to plenty of workout videos on our DVR and DVD... there is NO EXCUSE.  When I was in my best shape, it was part of my daily schedule.  That worked best for me... to do it at the same time in the same place every day.  As soon as I start saying, "ah, I'll just squeeze it in..."  I don't quite squeeze it in as often as I do when it's in the daily plan at a set time.

Life is good around here.  Not much to report.  We are looking forward to dinner at Grandma's tomorrow night.  We're doing an early gift exchange since we'll be in CO for Christmas.  Ali helped mommy make some really yummy zucchini muffins tonight for the party.  Ali loves to cook!

Okay, 'nuff for now... just woke up on the couch with laptop on lap (Susan!) and would prefer the comfort of bed, so Happy Sunday everyone!

God night!


  1. Have a nice Sunday you too!
    We are stuck in England with the snow. Not sure if we will be leaving today to Argentina ... Family, sun and barbecue, wait for us!!!!

  2. Happy Sunday!

    We are heading up to Amish Country, PA today to visit my 92 years young Gramma. Haven't seen her since May, right before I was "introduced" to Miss Bella. I have heard that she isn't doing as well as I remember. She is quite a woman, still involved in her community, and has been mentally sharp, up until a few months ago. My uncle thinks the med change they gave her in July is the cause. I am anticipating a bittersweet reunion, but looking forward to spending time with her. I wonder how my NanaBaby will react toward her...can't wait to see them together again! Amaya was only 5 months old last time, now she is one the time does fly...

    I don't know why I am rambling on this morning...?

    I hope you all enjoy the snow in Colorado...we had our first few inches last Thursday...wishing for more! :) happy skiing, happy visiting family, happy Christmas week to all of you...blessings!

  3. Good morning, Ringgolds...

    I'm still here and reading. The past few times I've tried to comment, my post just - poof! - disappeared. Don't know if it's the site or my computer. Probably the latter - grrrrrrrr.

    Anyway...Continuing to keep you all in thought and prayer. And loving all the pictures of your beautiful girls.

    My 2 week respite from school has begun and I'm very thankful for time away. Looking forward to getting things accomplished, resting, reading, and spending time with my sweet family. And I wish the same for you all as you begin your Christmas celebrations and travels.

    Take care!

    A friend in NC

  4. Sending warm thoughts & wishes your way. Hope you joy your family time.

    Love and prayers sent your way

  5. Wanda wilkinson Durham NC. The above anonymous is from me

  6. Love the picture today! Hope you had fun at Grandma's and are enjoying packing up to head out Skiing! (Ang enjoy that fine and glass of wine for me!)


  7. Hope you all enjoy the dinner and that you have a safe trip and return to CO! Thinking of you all!

  8. Good Morning!! I hope you guys have a great day today and a fun night tonight at Grandmas!

    Love the pic of Ali, Bella, and mommy!!! They all look very happy.

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie, and Liam
    The McLaughlin Family,CA

  9. Muffins sound delicious!
    I was hoping the last 24 hours of rain would mean snow for you guys! Safe travels...

  10. We are on our way to Fresno right now and I haven't eaten breakfast yet....the muffins sound amazing! I know what you mean about adding 'work-out' time to your daily routine. Once you make it part of your eveyday, its funny how your schedule welcomes it & you always have time to workout! Being that Ali loves to cook, I'm sure baking cookies are in order this week for Santa...maybe you might just have to make time for a mini 20min
    Have a great time @ dinner tonight! I love the pictures you post everyday....especially of Bella...makes me smile.

    Ok...hope this makes phone screen/font is small & we are bouncing around on the fwy, so I can barely see...let alone think....haha

    Always thinking and praying for you precious Ringgolds!


  11. Hi there,

    Lurker kids were performing in the Church Christmas program today and we were singing "Joy to the World"...when all of a sudden I thought of Bella and your whole family.

    Have a great day!

    Heidi, MN

  12. Good afternoon, Ringgolds! Sorry for not posting the last few days - have been running like mad and haven't gotten on the computer too much! But I did add Bella's Blessings to my FB - so glad you have a group out there!

    Hope you all enjoy Durango - looks like you'll have a white Christmas!

    Praying for God's continued peace and comfort - He will never leave or forsake you.

    Love from TX,
    Laura (for Team A!)

  13. I know what you mean about the exercise. I haven't been able to get on the treadmill for a couple of weeks due to a broken foot. I'm actually looking forward to it, soon, I hope. It's really cold her, snow on the ground, more coming on Christmas Eve. We are flying to Miami, Fl on Christmas Eve to spend a week with our son. So looking forward to the warm weather.
    I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, but check the blog every pm. Thinking about you and family. I think of Bella just about every day. I just told her story to my daughter a couple of days ago. I also told her all about PUCK.
    I had my 6 yr old great niece her to spend the night and bake cookies. They love to cook at that age. We were messing around on the computer, and she saw Bella's pic while I was checking the blog. I told her Bella's story. She asked several questions, then said, "well, I'm sure she is much happier now that she isn't in pain, and that she is spending Christmas with Jesus." I never thought about it like that.
    I hope you all have a good Christmas, with lots of new memories.
    Love and prayers, Carla Spradlin

  14. It's also snowing here in Wyoming... Oh the snow. Be careful. *Gabby from Wyoming.