Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21, 2010: Get Packin'!


The bags are being packed as I write!  Tomorrow morning we leave the rain for the snow!  It is still raining here with only a few moments of a break since last time I wrote you.  Apparently, it's getting a little out of hand out here... flooding, mud sliding, etc.  Not much fun.

Ali is super excited to see her two cousins who live in Spain.  She hasn't seen them since she was 1, and, well, she doesn't quite remember that... I know, I know, a little early.  I can't remember the last time my mom, my sister and I all spent Christmas together.  It was a long time ago, that's all I know.  I am so grateful we can make this trip happen.

I'm thinking we should webcast Bella's Birthday Bash.  Makes sense, right?  Wouldn't you like to tune into a happy occasion for a change?  How many of you would attend if we did that?

Please comment with I WOULD!

If you are local, and you would be interested in helping plan the event, we'll be putting together a local planning committee right after the first of the year.  Please email me at Timothy@thedivineplanet.com and give me your best email and cell phone numbers so we can contact you in Jan!

If you are not local, if you would please still:  1) send prayers for Tripp and Daylon specifically, and 2) forward the youtube video of my speech to everyone and anyone you know and 3) let us know if there are any foundations or philanthropists you know of that might be a fit for our fundraising campaign.  If we stay connected as the community I hope we still are, we can all use our unique abilities to move EB into the curable column of diseases TOGETHER.  Are you still here?

Last, I have to share that I had a cancer patient today who was really down and out about the holidays.  Folks, do any of you get stressed out around Christmas?  Is it the presents thing, or the spending time with family thing, or the travel thing, or the missing loved ones who are gone thing?  There are potentially a lot of things to get stressed about this season.  There are also potentially a lot of things to be grateful for this season.  The thing is, it really is just as easy to be grateful as it is to be stressed.  In addition, you can be both.  So, I humbly ask that you remember what you are grateful for, and forget why you are stressed.  That doesn't mean don't attend to the minutiae and lists and details and errands... just choose not to stress over them.  (Dis)stress and gratitude are both within your control.  Yes, my heart aches for Bella, and yes, I am grateful for so much more at the same time.  The world changed a little because of Bella in it.  That is what I am grateful for.

Is the world going to change because you are in it?  
The answer is in your hands.

God night.


  1. Love, love, love tonight's mini slide show of pictures!Yes, it is pouring rain tonight....forget 'raining cats and dogs'....it sounds like it's raining whales out there...LOL!
    I pray that you have safe travels as you leave for CO tomorrow. I too miss Bella dearly, and I will forever be grateful for being molded into a better person because of Bella.
    If I weren't a local I would FOR sure watch the webcast of Bella's event; however..I AM a local...whooo hoo....and I'm here to help alongside you to prepare for the event!

    always thinking and praying for you!

  2. I´m not local and would love for the Birthday event to be webcast....I will also say that I have watched the memorials but I didn´t get to see them live but watched after but loved being able to see them...To many time zones get in the way. Thank you for yet again thinking of all of us out here in different parts of the world.

    Loved the pictures and hope you all have a fantastic trip.

    Jeni, Madrid

  3. Hi all! Sorry it's been so long since I posted. Just wanted to let you all know that we are still out here, and we're trying to put together at least $1000 by Bella's birthday. Katie still keeps talking about playing with Ali, and I am thinking about the people I know that can help get toward the $1M. Good luck to you all and stay in touch.

    Rob, Kristin, Katie & Lizzy (EBS) Hendrickson

  4. Good morning...

    Loving all the pictures today, especially the darling sock tree. I saw several of my favorites that I remembered having seen on a special little pair of feet. I smiled even as my heart felt sad.

    Wishing you un buen viaje as you travel and a wonderful time with your family. That's really what Christmas is all about - at least for me, anyway - having time to spend with family and friends.

    And, yes, I would watch a webcast of the birtday bash.

    Be safe, sweet family...

    A friend in NC

  5. Love the Bella area - so wonderful to celebrate her!

    I WOULD love a webcast of Bella's birthday bash -gosh I wish NJ and CA were not so far apart - I wish I could help! But I will continue to share about Bella & EB and I will continue onto my personal goal!

    Have an awesome time with your family!

    Hugs and support from NJ - Tina

  6. Love, love, love the sock tree...so adorable!! Thanks for the challenge to make the world a better place...

    I wish you, Ang & Ali a wonderfully blessed Christmas as you travel to be with family!

    Merry Christmas! Donna in NJ

    (Yes, would love to watch the webcast for Bellas's b-day!)

  7. I have to admit that your sock tree with the butterfly on top sent me into a crying jag of missing Bella this morning. I still have moments of thinking that its just so unfair, and missing that beautiful baby girl.

    But, I am grateful for so many things, my chldren and NanaBaby, my health, our home. Friends, family...life is good, and it is better having known Miss Bella and her family. Blessings on your trip to the snow and family...and of course I WOULD watch a webcast for Miss B's big day! Happy travels! :)

  8. Tree is perfect!
    do I really have to email you?
    Its always a given that I am in, right?
    Enjoy your white Christmas! Safe travels...

  9. I WOULD. :)

    Hope you have am amazing trip!


  10. Love the sock tree! How appropriate :)
    I WOULD and WILL BE attending. And let me know how I can help.
    Super excited for your white Christmas with family. You guys will have a blast. And don't go thinking your 12 out there on the slopes! Ease into it :) hahaha
    Love you guys,
    The Vanderbooms

  11. I definitely WOULD! As would the rest of the Team - we'll gather around the laptop!

    Love the Fabulous Sock Tree - I was in Target a couple of days ago and saw some fabulous Christmas socks. I was instantly reminded of sweet Bella. She has definitely changed the world! :)

    Please be safe as you go from the monsoon to the blizzard. Enjoy the time with your family and have a WONDERFUL Christmas! We're going to a cabin in Oklahoma with my parents/sisters/their kids, and from what I understand there's no cell phone reception there so I'm guessing internet will be non-existent too. All that to say that I probably won't be able to post until we're back on Sunday!

    Love from TX!
    Laura (for Team A)

  12. I would!!!

    Hi Tim, hope you and your family are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that I still pray for you guys, that you find the strength to continue....have a merry, merry christmas. I'm sure Bella is watching over you, Ang and Ali. God Bless you.

  13. Tim and readers - check out this article about giving even a small amnout!



  14. Hi Tim,

    Love the Bella Tree, it's beautiful. I shed a tear though, (but in a good way... I think)! I was just thinking about this year, thinking of Bella and your family's journey, thinking of how much I have learned from you all, mentally going over my gratitude list. My usual Christmas grief was trying to sneak up on me too. But this year (like I have said before) is different because of Bella. That big word...GRATITUDE, I am trying to live it(-: Hope you and the fam have a fabulous trip, enjoy your train ride and skiing on that cold mountain. I was admiring Ali's new cupcake hat...i LOVE hats. I am thinking I might need one of those (-: Ali is such a little fashionista, coordinating the cupcake hat with matching cupcake pjs...LOVE IT!Have a safe journey, we will see you all in the new year.
    Merry CHRISTmas!

    Sending our love and prayers!
    The Davidson's

  15. Jack and Molly's NanaDecember 22, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    The sock tree made me smile today as much as it did when we hung the "ornaments" for Bella's memorial. Like many of your readers, I also recognized a bunch of them from the blog; there's really nothing cuter that baby feet, doncha think?
    Have a safe trip, knowing that your angel can fly just as fast as your plane can. Happy, happy times ahead; make some memories!

  16. I would love to see a Bella birthday bash happen via the internet.

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow before you hit the slopes that is... safe travels!

    Love the sock tree, I think of Bella everytime I put socks on, wash socks, see others in socks, match socks, you get the idea: socks are everywhere and so is Bella.


  17. I love the tree of socks. I remember seeing it at Bella's memorial here in CA and it is AWESOME!! I'm IN to help you with anything you need for Bella's birthday bash. My email has been sent!!

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie, and Liam
    The McLaughlin Family, CA