Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010: Providence comes in sevens... pt 3 of 7


Tales from the Cancer Center, Chapter 3.

Remember the awesome husband and wife I wrote about last night?  Try keeping up with this piece of the story...

Wednesday was my final day at UC Irvine Medical Center until we find more funding (which we will).  When I first ran into the husband in the hall, he mentioned that his wife was feeling too weak to have music and that I should check back with them the next time they were in.  See, the last time they were in, I was there, so he naturally thought I was around all the time like most employees.  I explained to him that today (Wednesday) was my last day under the Gunther Grant that Arts & Services for the Disabled had written for music therapy.  He looked SHOCKED.  He immediately said, "Well, who can I write a letter to?  I mean, I'm no millionaire, but this can't stop."  At this point we were standing outside his wife's room at the end of the hall way.  I turned around and looked down the hall at the nurses station.  I figured, I'd have him go talk to the Nursing Supervisor and they would send it up the chain of command, but lo and behold, who is standing at the nurses station counter?

THE head admin of the cancer center.

How often is she up on the unit?

Hardly ever.

The administration offices are in a different building altogether.

How many times have I met her or even seen her face?


Once at the final planning meeting for the cancer dinner.

The second time?

Sitting at the head table right in front of me as I presented.

I look back at the husband and I say, "Well, HER!"

So, I walk right up to her and she gives me a warm hug like we've been best friends, though we only officially met after the dinner that night.  I tell her it's my last day; we ran out of funding.  She tells me she had no idea.  She then proceeds to say that they just received a large donation two days ago to be put to use wherever they deemed useful, and that she had no idea what she was going to put it towards.

Then, the husband strides right up behind me, and I introduce them, slide out of the way, go back to his wife's room, and tune my guitar to play "The Rain Song."  Meanwhile, over my shoulder I hear the entire conversation take place about what a difference music therapy made for his wife after only one session (completely in line with what I presented about.. music therapy WORKS in its very first treatment... not just music).  I hear the administrator gush and explain how grateful they are to hear that, then I hear the nurse manager chime in at length about the difference music therapy makes on the unit...

... they were ganging up on her!

Fine by me.  That's what you call 'an abundance of proof.'

Sometimes, God SHOUTS.  Being a Native New Yorker, I like shouting.  :-)

Now, do the math.  I'm not supposed to be there on Wednesday.  The admin RARELY is on the unit.  The husband and wife are there for the first Wed in 3 weeks since we were both there last.  We all end up in the same place at the same time.

Anyone remember the stories at the beginning of the summer about me running into the other soccer players?  God seems to know exactly who to put where... and when!

I can tell you what my psychologist friend told me... this is how it works through his lens... I expect these type of events, and therefore, my radar and my beacon are poised and ready.  I have a hard time NOT running into people I know in public events/places because I expect to.

I just call it Providence.  Yep, I have to show up to make it happen, but that's all I do.  I just keep showing up, confident in my faith that God will once again do the rest.

And God delivered again.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you.  May 2011 be simply magnificent for you.  Show up,  work hard, be authentic, and let God handle the rest.  I know 2011 is going to be nothing short of MARVELOUS and MIRACULOUS for the tiny but mighty Ringgold clan, and I begin the year in deep, DEEP gratitude that you will be there with us, and we with you!

God night, and God Year!


  1. I need to hear your show up, work I am anxious about going back to work on's been a rough year, hoping 2011 brings peace to the workplace!

    What's in the oven? I love that picture...hope it was something shrinky dinks!

  2. May this new year bestow blessings upon you and your family. Blessings both big and small; rare and ordinary.


    PS. Shrinky dinks in the oven WOULD be cool. :)

  3. You may be tiny (to borrow your words) but you are indeed mighty.

    Huge love to each of you this New Year 2011.

    My life is richer for knowing you,

    Love, from the rooftops, ever and always to all four of you,



  4. Happy New Year to all of you. May the blessings you share with all of us come back to you magnified!

  5. Wow! Awesome things are happening all around you now, Tim! Bella is sure working hard for you from Heaven. To quote a friend of mine, "God is good, all the time, no matter what!"
    I'm hoping 2011 brings much Health and Happiness to you and your family! Praying a cure for EB will happen very very soon!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Good morning, and happy 1-1-11 to you, Ringgolds!

    Thank you for sharing your hearts and lives with us. I have been blessed by your journey and continue to be so.

    A favorite scripture comes from I Chronicles 4 -

    And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, 'Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain.'

    That would be my prayer for you in the new year. It appears that God is already at work, enlarging your territory.

    Be blessed, Ringgolds! And please, do tell, what is Ali watching so expectantly in that oven? What a darling picture.

    A friend in NC

  7. Felíz Año Nuevo 2011!!!

    Gran abrazo,


  8. Bella is still working her magic. I knew the first time I read your blog that God had big things in store for her. Happy New Year.

  9. WOW...what an AWESOME story of Providence!! Good things come to Good people. You deserve all good things.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, today's picture of Bella, Ali, and Ang. I just love Ang's big beautiful smile. All of your girls look so happy!! Lots of love there in that picture.

    Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you lots of joy and love!

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie(2yrs), and Liam(1yr)
    The McLaughlin Family, CA

  10. Sorry I'm getting so bad at commenting... but... 2011 has such amazing things in store for all of us. Bella will live on through all of the things that you/we are doing, all of the things that you/we are reaching for, hoping for, praying for. (Not forgetting Ali in all of this... she keeps us all smiling, and through that hoping an continuing. And Ang of course)

    For the last couple of months I've had this Bible-verse in my head..
    "My grave is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor 12:9
    You may interpret it however you want, but I only draw strength and hope through it.

    The picture at the end is wonderful, it makes me smile.

    I wish you a blessed 2011,


  11. Dear Tim: Happy New Year my friend. It has been a rough couple days here recently. Yesterday, a year ago, Leah became an EB angel. We all miss her so so much but we have to remember that Leah is pain free and having a great time in paradise.
    Hoping your holidays were wonderful. I just know that you are going to be the key to finding a cure for this awful disease. Keep on trucking Tim and doing your magic, with a little help from up above.
    God Is Good All The Time. Love and Hugs, Leah's Nana

  12. The Right people, at the Right place, at the Right time - with God overseeing it all! Awesome!! Can not wait to hear more!

    Love the picture of Bella, Ali, Ang and you!


  13. A bit under the weather a short comment. I like some of the others wonder...what is in the oven?!?!?! I hope it was worth the wait. :)

    I love reading your stories and seeing how God keeps on delivering! It is simply amazing.

    Sending my love to all and sweet kisses to Ali.

    Denise WI

  14. "Show up, work hard, be authentic, and let God handle the rest."
    I can't think of more perfect words to start a new year with. Happy 2011 to you and yours, Tim Awesome! It is going to be great...I can FEEL it!

    Michelle K.
    The Colony, Tx

  15. heaveno!

    greetings from nc on 1-1-11!! here's wishing great things for your family this year! i love your providence stories....i go with faith rather than expectations :)

    god bless y'all!
    w-s, nc

    please let us know what was in the oven!!

  16. Jessica from AlabamaJanuary 1, 2011 at 10:38 PM

    Hi! Your story is just awesome.. I've read a couple of your post. (I seen the prayer request for your Bella on Joy Thornton's Facebook, and love reading the stories, it touches my heart) ---

    But before this total stranger rambles too much longer- I wanted to suggest to you a book, if you have not read it already. The post just before this one made me think of it. Have you read "The Shack" By William Young? It is truly an awesome book.

    And one more note- People like you are truly amazing. To go though a ton that most people don't think of going though, and they take for granted and forget about the little things. Like a song played on a guitar, or a simple smile from a child. I know I don't know you from Adam, but its sweet, amazing people just like you with a kind heart that are my hero. :)

    I believe you have overflowing blessings and funds for your program. God has a very special plan for you and your family and the people around you.