Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26, 2011: Sore...


Mommy and Ali got pedicures today, and I got to repaint the bathroom, change the hardware in the room, as replace the faucet.  Good times!  I'm a pro at painting, but plumbing.... whoah, that's another story.  I am as handy as I need to be, and not an ounce more.  The only reason I'm a painting ninja is because I ran a painting company one summer back in college.  I spent 4 hours under my sink tonight!  I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to take that long, and I'm also pretty sure I have no idea how someone removes and replaces a faucet without any help!  Thank goodness Ang and Ali were back when I undertook the faucet!  I couldn't have gotten it done on my own.

Now, it's time for tylenol!

P.S.  Arsenal plays in the Carling Cup final in the morning 11 am EST in case anyone wants to cheer 'em on with me!

God night.


  1. Thinking of you all tonight and each night and day. Glad that you got to see a nice movie with Ali and that Ang got to enjoy some time with friends.

  2. Nice to see that life it's as normal as it could be for you. Hope you are enjoying the weekend and not just playing Bob the Builder!
    Good luck to Arsenal.

  3. Ugh! The dreaded home improvements. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say it, but that's why I sold and now rent. I had been a homeowner for 16 years and the maintenance was driving me batty. No time to do it myself (and every project I started turned out to be much BIGGER that it started), then there was trying to hire somebody. They wouldn't come out as planned, those that did never came back to do the work. Forget it! I LOVE my landlord!!!! Now I can live in my beloved pre-1900's home and someone else can maintain it.

    Thanks for posting. Have a blast with that remodel.


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