Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28, 2010: Back to the grind...


... and the doctor's office!

Ali woke up with a temperature again today, and that makes it 3 days + , which earned her a trip to the doc's office!  Soonest they could see her was 4pm, so we hung out at home and she was a total trooper, because I am SLAMMED this week with work, work, and some more work!  She was really understanding that I had to work in the office, and that while I was here, it didn't mean I was always available.  I really was impressed with a) what a good mood she was in today compared to the past 2 days and b) how well she played and colored by herself for large parts of the day.  When we got to her doctor's office, she still had a temp, and as soon as the doc looked in her ears, we knew part of the culprit... double ear infection!  On top of that, she has a general winter flu which she could have easily picked up on the planes to CO or on the Polar Express.

The sweet moment of the day was when her doctor, at the end of the appointment, awkwardly gave me a hug out of nowhere, and looked in my eyes all teary eyed!  He didn't say anything, but I got it.  He's a little younger than I am, and he has small kids at home, too.  He is really sweet, but a little timid/shy socially (actually a lot, but we LOVE him dearly).  He also took the time to call me in MN right after Bella died to offer his condolences.  Again, an awkwardly delivered but heartfelt conversation.  I have so much respect for him, because he clearly doesn't know what to say, but he gives it his best, and it's just so authentic and honest, that it just comes out beautiful, despite being rough around the edges.

That's all any of us can do... our best.  I think that when we lead with our heart, we may not get the words out like we hope, but people hear our heart, not our words.  When you are being authentic, I think people can feel it more than hear it, and it's that feeling - that connection - that we all love and crave.

In other news...

I'm going to place a new page on the blog here starting in the new year for the fundraising game for Bella's Birthday Bash!  Anyone is invited to participate in any fashion they choose.  All are welcome.  Stay tuned!

Also, now that skiing is checked off the bucket list... I need something tangible to keep me active.  So, starting on Monday January 3, I am embarking on an 18 week journey called "Transformation," by best selling author Bill Phillips.  I have had the good fortune to hang out with Bill in his home on a couple of occasions now, and I am reading his latest book by the same name.  He was knee deep into the manuscript the first time I played guitar in his parlor, and now, that book is being released, well, I think the soft release was actually today!  That's funny.  I didn't even think of that as I started writing this.

Anyway, Angelique both had great success with Bill's "Body For Life" program, so I am ready to let him take me to a new place in my health and fitness once again!  Bill really has got it figured out.  His first book, "Body For Life," was designed as an "outside-in" approach to wellness.  However, he found that many of his readers struggled with maintaining an external program of diet and exercise due to some internal issues that were holding them back.  His new book, "Transformation," takes the opposite approach.  It is more of an "inside-out" strategy where as you break down and break through the internal barriers to your own potential, that frees you up to achieve and maintain the results on the outside you've always wanted.  This way, his readers now have a roadmap that takes opposite routes to the same destination, thereby giving EVERYONE a shot at it!

I really think very highly of Bill, and I am putting myself through his new program also because he has created an AMAZING online community over at www.transformation.com and I want to be a part of that community!  When you get a chance, if you want a breakthrough in your health, fitness, and/or vitality, go over to www.transformation.com and see what it's all about.  Better yet, go watch this story about my new friend Marty.  I met Marty at Bill's house in November, and Marty and I both have something in common.  We outlived one of our kids.  Watch this guy's story and you'll see why I am throwing myself into this challenge.  Marty is my hero.

Plus, now that I have "outed" myself to you, I gotta follow through!  So, please, no more candy!  Only fruit as gifts!  Please!  LOL.

God night.

Ali took the following two pictures today in my office... figured they'd be just fine... Bella's photo of the day... through Ali's eyes...


  1. Good morning...

    So sorry that sweet Ali is not feeling well. To look at her pictures, wielding that broom, you'd never know it. Trooper, indeed!

    Good luck as you begin your "transformation". Perhaps I'll check out that site as I definitely need some inspiration and motivation myself.

    Hope you all have a good day. And feel better, Ali!

    A friend in NC

  2. Good morning Tim! Funny you should mention the Transformation site, my husband and I were just talking about our "get back into shape" game plan yesterday. We'll check out Bill's site for sure.

    I hope Ali feels better soon, I used to hate ear infections as a kid...yuck! Blessings to all of you...have a great day!

  3. Hugs to Ali! What a trooper double ear infection and 2 planes home! Poor kids - hope with meds she feels better real soon!

    Congrats for you for taking control of all aspects of your life. I struggle with the physical, but honestly just not ready to deal with it yet. When I am - I will.

    Loved Ali's princess pictures and her view of Bella for the day!

    Welcome home and back to the new normal.

  4. Bella's photos of the day thru Ali's eyes are just precious and made me cry.

    Ali, you are so precious! I'm sorry you have 2 ear infections. That is no fun.

    Tim, I "love" Ali's doctor too. What a great guy, or so he sounds.

    I'm excited for your "Transformation". I think I'll go check out his website for myself. See if it's something my husband and I would like to try out.

    My son Liam turns 1 year old today. We are going to Chuck E. Cheese to have a little celebration. Hopefully it's not too packed in there since it's still school vacation and it's raining again today. Wish me luck! :0)

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie(2 3/4yrs), and Liam(1yr)
    The McLaughlin Family, CA

  5. Wow - that Ali is a trooper! Ear infections are no fun when you're on the ground, and on a plane? Man - that's no fun at all! Hope she feels better very soon!

    Excited to see how the "transformation" goes - I'm still trying to do that myself and it's a battle!

    Love to Ang and Ali and you, too! Praying for a good start to 2011 for all of you.

    Love from TX!
    Laura (and Team A)

  6. Hope Ali gets better soon.
    How nice to have a doctor like yours.
    Good luck with your Transformation.
    Mariana,UK still in Argentina

  7. Hi Tim and family--I read your blog everyday and swear I already posted this, but I don't see it anywhere!! I think I am just losing it?!?!?!?!! I don't post often, but I am a avid follower/supporter of Bella, Daylon, Jonah, and Tripp. Anyway, I wonder if you know how Daylon is doing? His mom hasn't updated his blog in weeks and I am getting worried because he wasn't very stable :(

    I must tell you that whenever things are difficult I think of one of these kids, because what they have to endure every day is so much more than whatever is challenging for me. I almost always think of Bella and ask her for strength. What a sweetie!

    I hope Ali feels better soon. I always think 3 doses of antibiotics and they turn a corner.

    Sara in Black Creek, WI

  8. Shoot. I was going to bring you a couple boxes of sees candy. ...;)
    Poor Ali....she's a tough cookie...glad you have a wonderful doctor...makes everything seem ok.
    Look forward to the birthday stuff ...
    We gotta get another kids eat free on the calendar!

  9. I was thinking today, and I have to admit I'm a little jealous of you. Hear me out for a minute. While Bella's eb was terrible, trying, and insurmountable....while her treatment was even worse, to the point that it even took her sweet life. It gave her something else. It gave her eternal life with her savior!

    Now, as a fellow parent, here's where my "jealousy" comes in. You KNOW that you will see your daughter in heaven again! I don't know if this is making sense or not. I have 3 young kids, I pray for them daily, and I fear for their future salvation daily. But you? You know your sweet Bella is in heaven with Jesus. You don't have to worry! She fulfilled her purpose and gained her wings. I'm not in any way trying to downplay your grief. That is real, as it should be. All I'm saying is that your heart can rest for her because she is safe.

    -Love and "jealousy" from Tx :-)

  10. Poor Ali! Having been through that here recently with both Noah and Clara I hope Ali feels better quickly.

    Going to check the "transformation" website out. Thanks for sharing.

    Sending my love to all and the sweetest of kisses to Ali.

    Denise WI

  11. Hey Tim Awesome--I am glad to see that you and your family had a great holiday vacation. I was just wondering how your "alien" was doing when I read about your "transformation" plan. I look forward to hearing all about it....and about your alien too! Happy New Year!

    Michelle K.
    The Colony, Tx